Tired Feeling Tired
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My name is Randy and I am tired...

  • I feel tired a lot of the time
  • I don't sleep properly
  • I never feel energetic

and most of all

I am TIRED of feeling tired all the time

This isn't anything new

I've been putting up with this feeling, hoping it would get better on its own for quite a while

Only lately am I starting to see how much it is affecting everything else in my life

  • People know me as grumpy - I don't want to live my life in a grumpy mood because im tired all the time
  • I am also a little uncomfortable meeting new people and having new experiences...

It's also affects how i live my life

  • I stay home a lot which means I don't see friends and take my wife out as often as I used to

Today, enough is enough

It's time for me to take action

This website is a way for me to journal my experience. Whether it's taking suppliments, visiting doctors, diet solutions or anything else that will help

You will be able to benefit through my experience here

Yes, the good ones and the bad ones

Now, I'm definately no expert

Im not a doctor or a shrink, nor have I had any history working in the health industry

Im just a regular 33 year old teacher, with a small family

Who wants to have more energy, who dreams about sleeping through the entire night,

and who's simply tired of feeling tired

IF you are having similar issues, then TiredFeelingTired.com is a resource that's here for you

NOW, it's time to take action and do something about it

Enough of the hope and pray it will get better on it's own

This website is a place that talks openly an honestly about how to stop feeling tired

What your options are and what you need to know to overcome your tiredness and live a better quality of life​

If something about my story rings true with you, then..

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